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  • Name : Prof. Vinayak Yashraj
  • Designation : Chairman

Indian Public School, Hajipur has been moving ahead since 2015 glorious journey with the pursuit of providing quality education for the disadvantaged particularly and also all the sections of society in Bihar. The school is nestled in the sprawling campus at a strategic location in the city of Hajipur, near Bidupur R.S. Historically, the city gained significance as it was the venue for one of the discourses of Gautam Buddha and it is from here that Buddha announced his Parinirvana. Hajipur is also the place where democracy found its origin in 600 BC and the ancient Licchavi republic was established here. In the current times the city is credited to be the second fastest growing town after Patna in the state of Bihar. Indian Public School decided to establish its campus within this prestigious historical landscape; being true to its motto : Gyan Karmasu Kaushalam : True education is to achieve excellence in performance through deeds. To achieve this the school balances on focus on all round personality development on one side and imparting best quality academic and intellectual knowledge on the other side, to transform students from all sections of society; in to good, responsible and compassionate citizens having pride in our heritage and being sensitive and dutiful human beings. The guiding principles and the legacy framed by the founding chairman Prof. Dr. Bachoo Sinha, the first Vice Chairperson Late Prof. Dr. Sudha Rani and the first Director Late Mr. Shyamadhin Sinha will always continue to inspire us and to take the baton forward and remain true to the school's mission and vision.

A great effort and careful selection is done to build the team of qualified and experienced teachers for all the subjects in the school at primary, secondary and senior secondary level. The school feels that the role of teachers in this regard is of utmost importance and relevance and they are the role models for the students. Thus, through personalised attention with child centric approach by teachers backed up by counselling, indigenous teaching methods, effective learning techniques; the students with diverse backgrounds and requirements can be channelized to achieve success and bright results. Instead of using old methods of fear and reprimand the school feels that by involving students through participation in activities yields more effective outcomes. The environment of imparting education should be with the methods which do not put undue pressure on students and rather make the entire process enjoyable and inclusive. Participatory methods of teaching rather than rote methods have been applied. With this idea the students can be motivated to explore variety of there aptitudes, with the school's initiative to aptly provide optimum, appropriate and up to date infrastructural facilities like separate physics, chemistry and biology labs, cultural activity room, resource centre cum library, playgrounds, IT Labs, Smart Classes etc. The school also engages in organising for students, field trips, educational excursions, subject related workshops, science exhibitions, co-curricular events, cultural programmes, sports activities so as to channelize students for positive and constructive results. The school also has set into place a proper mechanism of transport with fleet of busses and vehicles for smooth transport of students.

The requirements of today's times are complex and there are inherent challenges that come along with it thus Indian Public School feels that the quality of formal education which is value based; should be able to provide an environment and to prepare students for a holistic growth in terms of academic, emotional and physical for an all round development. This emphasis on quality education is also one of the important tools for bringing social change.

The objective of the school is that the students will be trained for independent thinking, team work, effective communication, to go in depth into subjects on one side but to also have a humane approach. The school strongly believes that these qualities will form a formidable foundation in students to make flourishing careers out of their lives and prove as a catalyst in making them succeed in future employment and bring a social change and difference at the state level, national and at the international stage as well. To its glory the alumnus of the school are engaged at meaningful positions in the career in variety of fields like engineering, medical, management, administration, academics, law, media, design to name a few at national and international arena.

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