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Admission Procedure

Indian Public School Hajipur Ajmatpur

Admission in this school is allowed on the basis of written test as oral interview. Admission Form and Prospectus can be from the office of the school during working hours. Selection .admission is subject to approval of the Principal/Chairman. Details may be known from the office. Fees are revised from time to not more than once in one academic session.

→ Three passport size photograph of the child.

→ One certified copy of the child's birth certificate (original copy to be submitted if admission is granted).

→ Transfer Certificate (original) of the child from the last school attended.

→ Character Certificate (original) of the child from the last school attended.

→ Aadhar Card of the child (photocopy)

→ Previous Marksheet (photocopy) of the child from the last school attended.

→ In case of KG classes, only Birth Certificate is required.

→ One postcard size colour photograph of the child with parents.


Fees are to be paid upto the 10th of every month. In case the fees are paid after this date, Rs. 50/- will be charged as late fine. Late fine will not be excused. After the fifth of the next month the name of the defaulter will be struck off from roll and re-admission fee will be Charged.

In any case, all dues have to be cleared before they are allowed to leave the hostel either during holidays or vacation or during their withdrawal or transfer from the schooI.


Foolproof methods are adopted to avoid any probable risk or accident in course of instructional programmes, dispersal of boarders and transportation, etc. Chances of such risk are few and far between. However, the school does not undertake any responsibility for such risk.

Guidelines for Students

  1. The students should bring their School Diary regularly and follow the instructions gives in it promptly without any delay.
  2. Students commuting on their own should reach the school 5 minutes before the first bell.
  3. School uniform is mandatory ill-dressed students will not be allowed in the campus.
  4. No jewellery, accesseries (coloured lips, nail polish) either than uniform is allowed.
  5. Brining of valuable articles mobile phone, sharp edged instruments and electronic gadgets to school is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action should be taken against such students.
  6. Use of unfair and foul means during examination would be considred on unpardanable offence.
  7. Students attendance on the first day of each academic session, opening and closing day after vacation is required.
  8. Students suffering from infections disease will be barred from attending school.
  9. Students should not litter in the Campus, abstain from bad behaviour, keep their surrounding clean, should not buy eatable from unauthorised vendors outside school, keep away from damaging school property and show compassion empathy towards everyone.
  10. The students should respect all the staffs of the school irrespective of caste or creed, they should abide by the rules and regulations. Defiance of disciplinary norms is liable to be dismissed by the Principal.

Guidelines for Parents

  1. Parents should have a proactive approach towards school's rules and regulation. They should help in co-ordinating with the school authorities.
  2. The parents should ensure that their wards bring text books, exercise books regularly do their homework. They should attend the PTMs compulsory.
  3. The parents are advised to communicate about any weird behaviours on observation in the diary. They can share their concern with the teachers and Principal.